Thursday, 8 January 2015

Book Review: Hell on the Heart (Shadow Men Book 1) by Nancy Brophy

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Czigany “Cezi” Romney is perfectly happy. Yes, she’d have liked to have graduated high school, perhaps even attended college and become a CSI rather than working for her father and Uncle as an asthmatic sidekick. But leaving Armadillo Creek would be impossible. A gypsy without family would be like a ship without a rudder - directionless, unable to function. 

Agent John Stillwater's scarred face reflects the life of man dedicated to protecting his country. Currently his team is dealing with a nationwide white slavery ring, but lack evidence to prove it. An unusual set of circumstances in a nowhere town in Texas leads John to investigate. 

Cain McIntosh’s career is making him rich. In his chauffeur-driven limo, his tailored suits, his ten thousand dollar watch and his private jet, Cain visits different towns each week and finds the girl of his dreams. Or so he says as he convinces her to come home with him and meet his family. Unfortunately, the girl who agrees to go, knowing she will be the envy of her friends, is never heard from again. 

Can a petite gypsy woman bring down a man the FBI can't find? Agent Stillwater isn't giving her a chance to find out. Like it or not, Stillwater plans to remain glued to her side. With her family watching his every move, it doesn't take tarot cards to read the heat between them.

About the Author: Nancy Brophy

Nancy Brophy grew up reading and writing. Her imaginary friends have rich lives and less self-doubts with stories that have beginning, middles and happy ending all within four hundred pages. She lives in the beautiful, green and very wet Northwest with her husband, two naughty dogs, PB and J, and forty rowdy chickens. 

They have spent fourteen nail-biting months living in an apartment while their house was rebuilt from a house fire in 2010.  In the process she has acquired and in-depth knowledge of kitchen cabinets, bathroom plumbing fixtures and leaking roofs.  One day she will find all of this funny and will write a story about it.  But it won't be this year.

My Review:  I was intrigued by the synopsis and figured I would give this novel a try.  I am very glad I did as I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this book.  It was very lively and I am now more convinced than ever that myself and my daughter are both somehow part gypsy in spirit if not by blood.  We both have the "firecracker" within us and this book was just so entertaining!  I liked how the bad guy had the "perfect looks" and the good guy had the "scars" but when looking into their hearts Cezi was able to see them for who they were.  I also enjoyed watching the struggle of Cain.  It is a sad day when we as a people are so desensitized by the idea of human trafficking and slavery that it doesn't effect us.   This book was so well written it effected me and was able to help put a pain behind the sensitized notions we hold.  I give it a 5 out of 5 and am looking forward to reading more by Nancy.