Friday, 28 March 2014

March 28, 2014

So I got a membership to my local library on my good friends urging.  I browsed through their available online collection and found one that peeked my interest.  I figured in my spare time when I couldn't actually read I could play an audiobook too.  Well within one chapter I was hooked and couldnt put it down more less pickup my book I was midway through.  

Lauren Kate sets the scene and makes you fall in love with all the characters.  My heart was pulled right and left and stretched through this book.  It's evolution into a series is very exciting to me.  I wait the next book anticipating greatly. Very well written.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

March 26, 2014

Continuing with the series by Christine Feehan I have spent numerous hours consecutively reading her next instalment in the series.  It draws me in further by the book.  

Jacques........Shea.......what an interesting tale.  While I want to reiterate I have read this full series before I still have my favorite characters and story's, not my fave.  I enjoyed his carefree nature in the Dark Prince but this book didn't carry that on. For good reasons.  I guess it was a reminder of how much the ugly in evil in this real world can effect something so much and I use my books to escape the ugliness.  I think the writing is superb and it draws me into the world further.  I am intrigued by the new books and while they are a ways out (26+ books in this series so far)'s going to keep me reading a long while.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

March 24, 2014

I thoroughly enjoy reading but one thing that makes the experience that much reading at the same time as a friend and sharing the thrills and such.   I picked up this series again because my best friend is reading it.  

I. Believe I have read this series twice now and EVERYTIME it seems to get better.

This was pulled from and is a great guide into the world of Carpathians.  I truly enjoy this series but the depth Christine has brought to this world is amazingly detailed.  

I am on book two and highly enjoying debates already about this world.  This is a great series to pickup if looking for a read! 

Monday, 24 March 2014

March 21, 2014

Ok so I have been slack with posting my blogs lately. Doesn't mean I slowed down in my reading. 😊
I have run through almost the complete Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh.  I guess the series was so powerful I didn't have energy between books to blog. I will attempt to catch up now.

I quite enjoyed this book. It was exciting to see a strong woman in world dominated by men.  I enjoyed the power plays and the interactions with her and Dmitri.  This book was a great introduction into the series and I was enthralled.

This series enthralled me from book one but the more I read the more fantastical this world became.  I love how the seven of Raphael's are at war with themselves as she is his greatest weakness but he would pick her over them.  Fantastic read!  I also began to fall in love with Dmitri and Illium.  What wonderful depth of charecters she portrays!

EVERYTIME I read about Elena's upbringing it brings a slight tightening to my chest. She has been through traumas left and right and to see the strength she is still able to exude (even though a fictional character) is still an inspiration.  She is becoming a beacon of strength through the books and the development of other charecters as they learn to love her as the miracle angel she heartwarming.
The long awaited story of hurt to read parts of his past and if I am being honest I cried.  The pure love and devotion he felt for his first wife was awe inspiring and something of legends.  I was very skeptical at the way things were going between them but Nalini pulled it off and this is an awesome story. Great job!

Jason......not to be outdone by Dmitri......his story rocked! I enjoyed the back and forth and the hidden agendas.  I think these two are a great story and fit in the world while giving Liajuans world a much more sinister depth.  Loving this series!

This book was awesome and kept me wanting more and more.  I hate waiting for the next book as if it's a movie half done......I understand a writer must take time to live too but the amazing capability to build an entire world like this is something remarkable and her talent is amazing.  I am waiting patiently for the next install,emt in this series.

I know there are a few anthologies in this series I haven't reviewed.  I skipped them and will go back soon to review them (I.e. Galen's story)